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A deal to sell the shuttered Atlantic City casino fails for the third time

By the looks of it, the former Atlantic Club casino in Atlantic City just cannot seem to catch a break as it keeps on getting returned.

Earlier on, Thursday, 27th September, for the 3rd straight time in as many years a deal to sell the shuttered casino has fallen through.

In the latest unsuccessful deal, it was the Stockton University that made a bid to buy the casino property as part of its new Atlantic City campus.

However, as part of the deal, Stockton wanted the parking garage and the land; and if the university would receive it the hotel buildings and casino would have been demolished.

The deal was pronounced dead by TJM Properties of St. Petersburg, Florida, on Thursday, 27th September. Also, No details regarding the purchase price were ever published.

It’s the attempt of having a deed restriction lifted is what averts the property from being utilized as a casino again.

The Atlantic Club had shut down four years ago back in 2014, making it the first of four Atlantic City casinos to close down in that very year.

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