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Armenian MP Calls for a Blanket Ban on Gambling in the Country


An MP from Armenia recently called for a blanket ban on gambling activities during the recent National Assembly debate. The debate concerned the re-regulation of the gaming and betting industries in the nation. The nation’s gambling law is being amended, and proposals from MPs are being sought to create the new code.

The former member of the Soviet is now looking to change the gambling regulation in the country significantly. The country has already increased the minimum gambling age from 18 to 21 years, marking a major deviation from earlier policies.

According to the bill recently introduced by the lawmakers, the nation’s Law on Lotteries will be revised. It will create four designated areas for gambling in the nation, namely, Jermuk, Meghri, Sevan, and Tsakhkadzor. The move will help in boosting tourism in the area and will likely improve infrastructure wherever needed. Creating four areas for gambling will also be helpful in reducing the proliferation of gambling in the country.

The four areas will contain restrictions related to slot machines, betting shops, and related gambling services. However, the new changes will also introduce higher fines for people who violate the rules and regulations related to gambling. If the bill finally comes to life, then the new rules related to gambling products’ advertising will also be implemented in the nation.

The new gambling-related adverts will have to target only those people who are of legal gambling age. The radio and television advertisements will now be allowed only between 10 pm and 6 am. The proposed new legislation will also limit the foreign gambling companies in the country.

The proposal has gained some approval within the National Assembly. However, Republican Party MP Samvel Farmanyan now says that gaming and betting should be banned altogether.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan supports reforms in the existing gambling laws, suggesting that the country needs a balanced solution to control the proliferation of gambling. He seemed concerned about the growing number of gambling devices saying that the gambling devices installed at gas stations are a major problem. He stated it as a “serious problem” and said that the machines need to be removed, for which a comprehensive solution is necessary.