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Australian Students Encouraged to Promote Responsible Gambling

Australian Gambling

A new Responsible Gambling Fund will help encourage Australian students to promote responsible gambling. The fund was announced by the Office of Responsible Gambling. It develops responsible gambling strategy and gives public policy advice to the government of New South Wales. It also manages and supports the Responsive Gambling Fund.

The office will oversee AU$4000 distributed between five universities to make students propel the idea of enjoying gambling responsibly. Australia has a well-developed gambling market which can be seen in its mature horse racing and online betting markets. However, the issue related to gambling-related harm is also equally pronounced in the country. With this new initiative, there could be more awareness about the harms of irresponsible gambling.

In January 2019, the Responsible Gambling Fund released AU$2.5 million for innovative projects that could help in preventing and reducing gambling-related harm in NSW communities. The office asked applicants to bring over projects that leveraged technology to reach this goal. Products and apps or online tools that helped consumers in making informed choices were also preferred. The funding round closed in February, and some of the recipients were also announced.

The first among them is the Design Innovation Research Centre from the University of Technology in Sydney. It designed an animation series that helps in educating youngsters about responsible gambling. The Australian National University addressed the issue of gambling harm experienced by females who are concerned about their significant others. Central Queensland University studied loot boxes and their role in grooming youth for gambling. Deakin University conducted a systematic review and content analysis for treatment of family members across a wide spectrum of addictions. The University of Sydney Business School conducted research on cash-out products, studying the behavioral biases of users, and how they are exploited by bookmakers.

These five universities will be sharing the AU$4000 grant among themselves to improve the quality of responsible gaming initiatives focused on younger Australians. The fund has previously worked with universities to work towards reducing gambling harm. Last year, Deakin University Development received AU$436,932 to evaluate a just-in-time intervention app that could reduce gambling harm. The Australian National University received AU$325,000 for a health promotion randomized control trial that could be helpful in reducing gambling harm in Aboriginal communities of NSW. Of the currently passed five grants, four will be focused on youth and family studies, especially how problem gambling affects family members