Illegal casino rings are operated in the embassy of North Korea

Claims have been made by Cops in Moscow stating that the Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been exploiting the fact that the building lies outside the police’s jurisdiction.

As per the Russian news outlet Komsomolskaya Pravda, it claims that the Investigative Department of the Russian Federation has informed them that when they attempted a raid on the building they were hunted away by Kim Jong-un’s staff.

Insiders close to the matter claim that said there is a luxurious room along with a croupier and “alcohol is served by long-legged waitresses” for the attendants that include politicians, lawyers North Korean diplomats and VIPs.

Allegedly officers told Embassy officials that: “This area is a sovereign territory belonging to the DPRK.”

The allegations were denied by the DPRK’s embassy as it said: “We do not have any casinos, we have heard about it only from journalists.”

In Russia, casinos are restricted to just a few special zones as Gambling is banned in most part of the country.

In an interview with KP, Dmitry Labin a top lawyer said: “Embassies should not engage in commercial or any sort of activities and should fulfill their immediate functions.”

“Given that in reality nothing can be done by law enforcement bodies in this situation, we are eagerly awaiting a sharp condemnation from the Foreign Ministry.”

Labin then added: “Our laws cannot be applied on the territory of the international representation.”

Notably, this is not the first time that North Korean diplomats have been accused of raising funds using illegal methods.

As per published on Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper, diplomats are given orders to sell illicit drugs on the streets by North Korea.

According to a defector who has spoken to South Korean intelligence, there are a few diplomats that were sent individually with 20 kg of drugs abroad and were given an order of raising $300,000 for the impoverished regime.

North Korea has been accused by China for smuggling crystal meth across the border.

China has also gone on making an allegation that the drugs have gone on to get sold as far away as the US, Hong Kong, Thailand, Western Africa, and the Philippines.

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