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Newgioco hires experienced professionals to tap into US sports betting opportunities


Newgioco announced the appointment of Alessandro Marcelli as its chief operating officer along with several key additions to its leadership and management team.

In a statement given on Monday, September 24th, The company revealed that it has hired Garcea as VP of corporate and business development, Bill Mitoulas as VP of communications and investor relations, Jay Cardwell as the interim chief financial officer, and Elizabeth MacLean as vice president of finance and accounting.

Speaking on the announcement, Michele Ciavarella, chief executive of Newgioco said, “These additions will greatly improve the collective strength and experience of the board of directors and Newgioco’s management team.”

Ciavarella further said,  “Every single one of the new appointees brings with them years of experience and extraordinary skillsets which will play a major role for the company’s success as we are on the hunt for an opportunity to enter into the US sports betting market.

According to a statement given by the company, “Alessandro Marcelli has an immense experience in the leisure gaming and sports betting industry that will provide some really valuable insight as we (Newgioco) continue to drive growth and execute our international operational strategy.

Along with the appointment of Marcelli, Newgioco also announces that it is now in the hunt for a new president who will lead the company to the next phase of its global growth initiatives.

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