Winx Spins Money In One-Sided Betting Race


Winx made a heartfelt comeback into the Saturday Apollo Stakes to help shape the most one-sided betting race of the century in Australia. Betting agencies usually look for big-money wagers on race day, but Winx’s preparation could have made the punters let loose early.

Winx is the champion mare who has won her last 29 races in a race, and she became a $1.09 favorite. BetEasy boss Matt Tripp noted that in his Apollo book, there were many $100,000 bets on the champion. He said that as they opened their all-in market for Apollo Stakes on January 18 with Winx at $1.22, they attracted several bets ranging from 40¢ to over $100,000.

The largest weight of those wagers was around $1.20 and some heavy support because of which the price went down to $1.15 as well. Later, it fell further to $1.10 before the all-in books closed. The price reopened for the final field books, making Winx go to $1.09, the point at which she currently stands. Interestingly, the pre-post market shows that over 99 percent of all money held was on Winx and the final field book is also showing similar trends, making it a one-sided betting market.

However, Michael Sullivan from Bluebet believes that the streak could finally come to an end. He said that he always expected that Black Caviar would someday be beaten, but she did not. Winx is probably better than her in his opinion. He suggests that the best price for Winx will be the one prevalent on track at Randwick on race day.

Ladbrokes is allowing $2 on Winx in the Apollo Stakes in a new promotion available for eligible customers for a $20 limit. The TAB is experiencing several big bets on Winx, the biggest of which is at $250,000 at the price of $1.08. The bet also matches the total prize money of Apollo Stakes. The market also saw bets at $225,000 at $1.09 and $150,000 at $1.10 during this week.

TAB’s Glenn Munsie praised Winx and said that she had won 29 races in a row, but this is the day that everyone has been waiting for. He said that people back her whether they turn her in or out. Some could be betting like it is the end, but Glenn thinks that there are still a few more runs to come. TAB’s highest ever wagers on Winx are $250,000 and $225,000.

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